Review: Elsie Printed Leather


What: Elsie Printed Leather heels by J.Crew

Season: Summer 2015


Material: 100% leather upper, lining and sole.

Quality: Very good! Soft leather, very unique print (some type of zebra-like lines). Pointed toe is well executed, minimal toe cleavage and mid-heel.

Fit: True to size. Very comfortable to walk in.


Sissi’s verdict: Undecided….I love the versatility of the print, but not sure to keep at the full price (even with 30% promo…maybe wait for sale?)

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Review: Tory Burch Peep-toe Cork Wedge Sandal


WhatPeep-toe cork wedges by Tory Burch

Season: Spring/Summer 2015


Material: Canvas upper, jute heel

Quality: Very good! The canvas is of a heavy cotton (or feels like cotton); loving the quality of the cork heel as well.


Fit: I’d say the shoes are true to size. I love the peep-toe look and the crossing of the straps, adds a nice edge ;)

Sissi’s verdict: Keeper! Do you agree? Please share!


I have realised that the version of the sandals on the Tory Burch website has a mixture of jute and cork for the heel.  Mine was simply jute…see below image courtesy of Tory Burch website.


Designer of week: Gavin Rajah

The BrandGavin Rajah


All pictures on this post are courtesy of Gavin Rajah

The IT Factor: Eclectic

The Inspiration: Nothing much I could find unfortunately. Lots of lace and form fitting outfits, few sarees as well. Not what you expect from a typical “African” designer and I love it, showcasing richness of cultures within the large continent.

14_MBFWCT_SDR_0202_GavinRajah_w387_h580-bd03abad34 14_MBFWCT_SDR_0223_GavinRajah_w387_h580-153f457f93

The Designer Behind the Brand: Gavin Rajah, nothing more on him apart for his work for UNICEF per wikipedia

Country of origin: South Africa

Notable Awards: None that I could find

Website:Gavin Rajah

Where to buy:Gavin Rajah

Sissi’s Notes: Wish there were more details on this designer :( but some of my favorites below.

14_MBFWCT_SDR_0278_GavinRajah_w387_h580-408a350c62 14_MBFWCT_SDR_0249_GavinRajah_w387_h580-45cbedffa8 14_MBFWCT_SDR_0205_GavinRajah_w387_h580-127cb123b4 14_MBFWCT_SDR_0220_GavinRajah_w387_h580-e87559393b

Review: Kimmy jumpsuit by @loft324

What: Kimmy sleeveless halter jumpsuit by Loft324


Note: The brand is relatively new to the best of my knowledge., created by two sisters, one being the famous blogger Stylepantry.

Season: Summer 2015

Material: 100% cotton, no lining

Quality: Very good! The colors are rich and bright, the cotton is substantial.  I was worried about sheerness due to the lack of lining but nothing could be seen through and I felt comfortable the whole night.


Fit: I’d say to size up for length if you’re tall.  I went with the medium and am glad I did because the pants barely reach my feet (on the other side, at least they do!!!) The halter neck combined with the gorgeous print is stunning! The slit on the back is a little too deep for me (and you may need a special bra or no bra at all to pull it off). The fabric belt adds a nice touch to accentuate the waist.  I LOVE this jumpsuit and can’t wait to review their polka dot halter midi dress next. Great job, @loft324!!


Sissi’s verdict: Keeper! The style looks to be selling fast now, so get it while you can ;)

If you would like more pictures, visit stylepantry’s blog.

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