Review: Colorblock Striped Skirt


What: Colorblock Striped Skirt by J.Crew

Season: Spring 2016


Material: 100% cotton outer, poly lining

Quality: Good, though the fit is a little off.


Fit: May need to size up, more on the “Cons” section below


Pros: Colorblocking, the stripes, the 100% cotton fabric

ebelandi_colorblock_stripes_skirt_4 ebelandi_colorblock_stripes_skirt_5 ebelandi_colorblock_stripes_skirt_6

Cons: The fit…I believe it’s a higher waist look but I was after length and sized up

Sissi’s verdict: Keeper!

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Review: Colorblock Flats with pom-pom


What: Colorblock suede flats with pom-pom by J.Crew

Season: Spring 2016

ebelandi_review_colorblock_flats_2 ebelandi_review_colorblock_flats_3 ebelandi_review_colorblock_flats_4

Material: Suede upper, manmade sole

Quality: Excellent! Pom-pom have both suede and leather. Love the colorblocking, similar to this old coat from the Crew. Not crazy about the manmade sole but won’t complain:)


Fit: True to size

Pros: The pointed toe, the pom-pom, the colorblock


Cons: Maintaining the suede clean, specially with the lower heel.

Sissi’s verdict: Keeper…but am undecided, I may return. For some reason, I just don’t see myself wearing these beauties enough to justify the purchase😦


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Culture: Home and Bonobos


“Si tu pars n’oublie pas
La terre où ton coeur a vu le jour
Zanzibar ou Kinshasa
Faudra jamais que tu oublies l’amour”

– Si Tu Pars by Lokua Kanza

Last November, I went back home.  I had to go back…I was dying inside, I needed to see the house I grew up in, I had to breathe the air I remembered…I had to stare at the stars at night as I did so many times long ago…when I used to be a teenager, confused but hopeful that tomorrow would make more sense.

“C’était hier quand Mboyo jouait sur les pirogues
De l’autre côté, Dimitri faisait du roller à Prague
Tous les deux, ils ont été touchés par l’aventure
Comme toi, j’aurais un mot simplement à te dire…

So, I set a date but the Paris attack took place the Friday before my scheduled flight…yet, I refused to stay.  My friends and I visited a traumatized Europe with armed soldiers at each corner, high security and long lines in Rome, Florence, Milan, Paris and Bruxelles.  It seemed as though the world was falling apart as I was finally going home.  But I had to be home.  When I finally landed in Kinshasa, the little girl inside me felt at peace.  I wasn’t dreaming anymore.  True, a lot had changed in a decade. The airport was fully air-conditioned. The roads were not as bumpy as I remembered yet they served more cars than they could handle and this resulted in painful traffic jams and jaywalkers.


Oh, there were scooter-taxis everywhere and 24-hour churches promising prosperity in exchange for your hard-earned wage.  Kinshasa was more diverse with a larger group of Indian and Chinese immigrants. On the other hand, there were less Lebanese and they left with my favorite shawarma restaurant  :-(ebelandi_kin_7 ebelandi_kin_6 ebelandi_kin_2

One of the highlights of my trip was a stop at Lola ya Bonobos or Heavens of the Bonobos.  The Bonobos are a species of intelligent monkeys only found in the Democratic Republic of Congo and nowhere else.  They are known for their peaceful attitude. Unfortunately, Bonobos are an endangered species because they are killed as bushmeat in Congo.  It was an amazing experience to see the work and love poured into preserving them at Lola ya Bonobos. If you’d like to learn more about the sanctuary, visit the official website or watch the 60 minutes episode with Anderson Cooper.

ebelandi_bonobos_6 ebelandi_bonobos_5 ebelandi_bonobos_4 ebelandi_bonobos_3 ebelandi_bonobos_2 ebelandi_bonobos_1

I was home, finally.  A lot had changed, yet things had remained the same.  My mom still sang when the lights went off but this time she sang alone. Love, money and family were still the main subjects developed on television. Commercials were still ridiculously funny with catchy tunes to hypnotize us into buying milk, beer, skin lightening creams, hair products, lottery tickets and spa treatments.  The sky still shone bright in a midnight blue hue at night and my favorite stars were still there and so were the pool as well as the swing my baby brother and I played in.

I was home and could finally let my brain remember moments I tried to block out by fear that my heart would be too heavy.  This time at last,  my eyes and my hands could match the memories to concrete objects. And the people had changed, yet they were the same hard working, family oriented, fun loving, optimistic and fashion conscious people I remembered.  A decade had passed and things looked different yet it all felt the same.

“Tu verras la beauté des hommes et leur douleur
L’important c’est de pouvoir toujours garder ta chaleur
Bien des fois tu auras la visite du blues d’un soir, mais tu vois
La vie a ses beaux jours et ses déboires”

kin1 ebelandi_kin_4


Review: Leather lace-up ballet flats


What: Leather lace-up ballet flats by J.Crew

Season: Spring 2016

ebelandi_review_jcrew_leather_ballet_7 ebelandi_review_jcrew_leather_ballet_3

Material: leather outer and lining, man-made sole. The color is a dusty pink, called “pagoda peach”.

ebelandi_review_jcrew_leather_ballet_5 ebelandi_review_jcrew_leather_ballet_4

Quality: Excellent! Very soft leather, laces are long enough to be wrapped around at least twice but I wish the heels had more padding.

Fit: True to size

ebelandi_review_jcrew_leather_ballet_2 ebelandi_review_jcrew_leather_ballet_1

Pros: The pink – pardon me, the pagoda peach – color, so feminine.  I love how the leather feels on the skin as you tie-up the laces and how comfortable the flats are.

Cons: Wear and tear. The heels are not padded and may wear out quickly, which is a shame because I definitely can see myself wearing these beauties a lot.

Sissi’s verdict: Keeper.

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Black and white is such an easy but classic combination and I love a midi paired with over-the-knee boots:)



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