Origins of the African wax

Ever wondered where the African wax fabric comes from? I like this guest post by Nma Uche (nmauche) as she blogs for Zigida.

I have ordered a few pieces from Zigida myself and will be reviewing as soon as I receive them! Excited🙂

My favorite is the Village Molekai dress…Gorgeous!


Weekend Travel: Vizcarra Vineyards

A quick weekend trip to get away from the routine at Vizcarra Vineyards.  The vineyards are an extension of the Becker Farms on the Niagara Wine Trail.  The access is free with a large parking area and great activities for old and little ones.

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Review: Leather Laces and Eyelets

This was love at first sight…the hot pink was staring back at me, the non-existent heel, the eyelets, the pointed toe and (my favorite part!) the laces to tie…I could almost hear the hot flats sing: “I’m irresistible, buy me!” Well, let’s see how they measure up once worn!

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