Dot Cashmere Sweaters: Macy’s versus JCrew – 25 Oct 2013

Went for a quick visit at a local Macy’s store for a bridal registry purchase for my former colleague’s upcoming wedding and…was surprised to find their Charter Club Dot Cashmere sweater, as it really looked like the J.Crew Collection Cashmere Polka Dot from last winter.

macys_cashmere_dot_jcrew_like_2 macys_cashmere_dot_jcrew_like_1

Quick comparison between the two sweaters below (and if you wonder…no, I did NOT purchase the Macy’s sweater….really how many more dotty cashmere sweaters can my closet and wallet take? None, they responded in unison!)

  1. Pattern:  same dots –> winner: Deuce
  2. Color: same combination with fuschia pink dots and burgundy background –> winner: Deuce
  3. Style: pull-on sweater, the J.Crew version offers a line of buttons behind the neck area —> Advantage J.Crew
  4. Fit: Macy’s offers longer sleeves (yay!) and a looser fit everywhere else; JCrew’s has regular sleeves (sorry, tall girls!) and is true-to-size —> winner: Deuce
  5. Cashmere: the feeling was about the same to me; however, JCrew’s seemed to be a sturdier kind.  Disclaimer: I am NOT a cashmere expert –> Advantage J.Crew
  6. Price: starting price $160 at Macy’s versus $268 at JCrew.  Even if you get to purchase the sweater on sale or promo, it would come down to Advantage Macy’s

Verdict: On a budget, I would go with Macy’s.  The main attraction with J.Crew would be the subtle addition (buttons at the neck…but who would see, anyway?) and the heavier material.

Do you agree with my verdict? Please share!


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