Afrique & Fashion: David Tlale

David Tlale is a South-African designer who is making a name for himself.  It has been confirmed that he has signed a contract with Vlisco to design African print for their upcoming collection, AND he is one of the judges of Africa’s Next Top Model Cycle I (you know, the America’s Next Top Model chain in Africa, which began this past Sunday Nov 10th 2013, with model Oluchi Onweagba as host).

I had not heard of David Tlale until this month, so I was pleasantly surprised by some of his designs. Some of my favorites below.

david_tlale_NYFW_2012 david_tlale_NYFW_2010_spring_3 david_tlale_NYFW_2010_spring_2 david_tlale_NYFW_2010_spring_1

Images courtesy of HufftingtonPost

I will be on the watch from now on!! Do you know of David Tlale? If so, do share! His website HERE.

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