Afrique et Fashion: Ituen Basi (19 Nov 2013)


Image courtersy of

Ituen Basi is a Nigerian (West Africa) designer with a very interesting portfolio.  She graduated from the Nigerian University of Ife and went on to work for various designers in London.  She has won multiple awards as Emerging Designer (African Fashion Week, Joburg 2011), Most Creative Designer (Arise Magazine Fashion Week, 2011) and Designer of the Year (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Joburg 2012).  Her moto is “it’s in the details”.  Indeed, her details are exquisite.

Below, some of her designs that I have particularly liked.  Let me know which is your favorite.  Images courtery of and

MBFW 20_ItuenBasi_website

I love the skinny pants and the drape at the shoulder, reminiscing of traditional jewelries.

MBFW 17_ituenBasi_website

Showing just enough, a little shoulder while everything else is covered. Very classy!

MBFW 14_ituenBasi_website

Not crazy about the hoop chain, but all for the peplum and busy print!

ituenbasi_website_cute2 ituenbasi_website_cute1 africanFashionAward_ituenbasi_SS2014_4 africanFashionAward_ituenbasi_SS2014_3 africanFashionAward_ituenbasi_SS2014_2 africanFashionAward_ituenbasi_SS2014_1 africanFashionAward_ituenbasi_fall2014

2 thoughts on “Afrique et Fashion: Ituen Basi (19 Nov 2013)

  1. I absolutely love her designs. I would have to say my favorite is the yellow print dress. The colors in the dress are so vibrant, I love it. I can so see myself rocking this dress. Great post.

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