AfriqueFashion: Sisiano from Nigeria

As I read Dina’s comment (MySuperFluidities) on her new Nigerian print, I thought to look more on Nigerian designers.  To be honest, I know Nigerian mainly for its film industry (Nollywood…another spin up of Hollywood but in Nigeria 😉 ).  It turns out Nigeria is also thriving with young and very talented designers.  In fact, there is a show currently airing in Nigeria: Nigeria Next Top Designer.  I will try to get access and review here when possible.

In the meantime, my pick for the African designer of the week is Sisiano, an up and coming young designer from Nigeria.  I was not able to find much information on his background or style, but below are some outfits that I have particularly liked.  My personal favorite is the last outfit in purple and green. Gorgeous! The last picture is the designer (I think 🙂 ).

Nigerian_designer_Sisiano_Photos-BellaNaija_dentelle_pants Nigerian_designer_Sisiano_Photos-BellaNaija_dentelle_top Nigerian_designer_Sisiano_Photos-BellaNaija_decollete_starightSkirt Nigerian_designer_Sisiano_Photos-BellaNaija_dentelle Nigerian_designer_Sisiano_Photos-BellaNaija-September2013

How gorgeous are the colors and the shape!!!

Nigerian_designer - Sisiano

Pictures from BellaNaija and FashionGhana

Do you know of Sisiano? Please share!


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