Review: ASOS Midi in Check Print

My big sister purchased this ASOS checked dress for me…thanks Yaya! I have paired it with a white button down and a blue belt.  I have valentina blue pumps later that evening but here for work, paired with flats.


I did not know but the dress has gotten rave reviews after being worn by celebrities such as the First Lady, Jessica Alba and the wife of an infamous politician (I cannot find his name).


Regardless, below my review:

Pros: beautiful print!! It’s a vibrant combination of bright red, burgundy, light blue dots and white. Very pretty in person, and versatile as far as combination.  You can do a blue belt, a red one, a white one, or no belt at all a la Alba.

Cons: very light! No lining so summer slip may be appropriate…

Material: 100% light cotton

Fit: true to size to slightly tight at the bust area (I have a shirt underneath).

Sissi’s Verdict: Keeper!

Do you agree? Please share!

3 thoughts on “Review: ASOS Midi in Check Print

  1. Hi there! Totally random but I am scowering the internet to find this in my size. In the off chance that you would sell it, please let me know! You look lovely in it by the way!

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