Afrique & Fashion: Duro Owulu

The designer spotlight this week is on Duro Owolu.

He was born in Nigerian but is based in London.  Duro came into the fashion spotlight in London in 2004 and is famous for his bold use of bright African prints and tailoring of the 70’s.  Apparently, according to NY MAG, Duro became famous in 2005 for the “Duro”, a high-waisted patchwork boho dress that gathered attention from Vogue and Barney’s.

I got to look at his Fall 2014 collection and loved the richness of colors.  Interestingly, Duro also had a line with JC Penney but it is not available anymore (link).

Four main items from his Fall 2014 collection receive five stars from Ebelandi, see below.  I particularly love the skirt with leather belt at waist and the richness of the blue and red dress.  You can checkout his full line at Owulu’s homepage. Let me know what your thoughts are!

Olowu_fall14_2 Olowu_fall14_1 Olowu_fall14_4


Photo courtesy of NY Mag

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