A&F: Eskado Bird

This week, the spotlight is on Eskado Bird, a brand from Tanzania.  I will be updating with the Sissi’s A&F Designer card below shortly.




Sissi’s African Designer File

The Brand: Eskado Bird

The IT Factor: Modern, metropolitan, couture

The Inspiration: 21st Century Afropolitan movement.  The goal is to create silhouettes to complement the African woman and make her feel confident and comfortable… hmmm 🙂

The Designer Behind the Brand: Doreen Noni, from Tanzania

Notable Awards: Named one of top nine African designers to rock 2013 by Nigeria’s Zen Magazine



Sissi’s Notes:  Doreen’s story is cute.  She inspired her mother to open her first boutique and funnily, her mother inspired her as well.  An excerpt from Eskado’s website:

“My inspiration to create the label came from my mother, Jacqueline Daniel who set up a Boutique in 1991, then known as Eskado Boutique, naming it after me, her last born and only daughter, Estazia(ES) Kang’wa(KA) Doreen(DO)”, says Doreen. “After discovering that my surname, Noni, is actually a bird from my father’s village, I decided to merge the two names to form a new label that represents my full entity – ESKADO BIRD” explains Doreen.

While I like some of her items, especially from the Freedom collection, the clothes are generally a little too fashion-forward and haute couture for me.  I do not see myself wearing her clothes on a regular basis…as of today 🙂


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