Help: Canon 70D versus Canon 60D versus Canon 7D?

One of my resolutions for my next blogging year is better quality pictures.  I have read multiple articles on digital picture-taking, and am now tending toward Canon EOS 70D.  However, it is a little pricy.  I am debating whether to go for the 60D instead. Snapsort provides a review of both…and a review by a Canon UK rep here…but there is also a Canon EOS 7D (review) which seems to be better suited for outdoors and sports pictures but without touch screen nor the auto-focus feature of the 70D….Am so confused 😦 Anyone has any feedback on either camera?


image courtesy of Google image search (MW youtube)

3 thoughts on “Help: Canon 70D versus Canon 60D versus Canon 7D?

  1. I have both 60D and 70D. There are not much difference. Since 7DD is little more advance I tend to use only that nowadays. The biggest difference is the number of picture you take in 1 second and 70D have more auto focus points and Wifi. Wifi comes in handy if you do wildlife photography and want to put the camera somewhere and then use Wifi to take a picture from a distance. You can check out some pictures I have taken with the Canon 70D here: Although it is not so much about the camera body that makes the picture, it is all about the lens. If you have a great lens then you can take amazing pictures no matter what camera body you use.

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